Check the height of the tallest glass to be washed to ensure there is sufficient room to accommodate these in the chosen model.

They are a stipulation under WRAS (water regulation advisory scheme) that they must be on any commercial dish washer that is connected to the mains water supply. They provide a superior and consistent rinse as they are not reliant on mains water pressure for the rinse phase of the cycle.

All machines require a water softener if the water supply exceeds 100ppm (most parts of the UK).
Having a water softener fitted will greatly improve the washing results, reduce running costs and extend the life expectancy of your machine.
Internal water softeners are suitable for cold water supply (below 30°C).

Frontloading machines can be connected to a cold only water supply providing there is adequate water pressure and flow rate.
They can also be connected to a hot only water supply provided the temperature does not exceed 60°C and there is adequate water pressure and flow rate.

For the machine to operate to the best of its ability a water pressure of 2-4 bar and a flow rate of 10ltrs per minute are required. If there is a low water pressure or flow rate consider an external or internal booster pump or a machine with a break tank which will then have an internal booster pump.

A drain pump is required when the waste services are higher than the drain outlet of the machine.

-13 amps consider standard range
-20 amps consider standard extra range
-30 amps consider the premium range


Ice Makers

DC20-4A to DC35-16A requires an IC-FC1
DC45-25A to DC70-40A requires an IC-FC2
DC100-60A to DC155-65A requires an IC-FC3

All ice makers come with a replaceable filter which will be changed when required.

Yes, all ice makers benefit from a water filtration system which removes odours and mineral deposits from the water, particularly in medium and hard water areas. With a filter system in place not only will your ice machine perform better for longer, but the taste, smell and clarity of the ice will be greatly improved too.

You will need between 1 bar and 6 bar pressure. Anything more or less will adversely affect ice production. If the water pressure is low consider an external booster pump and if the water pressure is high consider a restrictor valve.

A drain pump is required when the water services are higher than the drain outlet of the machine.

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