Dish Washers

Our dish washers are available to rent. Our rental prices include parts & labour cover for the life of the agreement. Minimum 12 month contract applies.

Classeq Dish Washers

  • The Classeq DUO models are the top of the range premium quality machines, they are double skinned for whisper quiet cleaning and reduced heat loss. All DUO models come with drain pumps, rinse booster pumps and built in chemical dispensers to ensure they meet all installation requirements.
  • Water Board (WRAS) compliant (Type “A” Air Gap)
  • Digital LCD display accurately shows the temperature of the wash tank and rinse boiler, reassuring the operator that it is up to temperature and fully sanitising during the wash cycle.
  Pint CapacityPower
Rental Price PW
Detergent Install Pack
Dish WasherD500 DUO WS181 x 30, 3 x 13 or 1 x 1383057060524.95519042.00
Install packs are to be paid for with bond deposits at the point of order. An install pack is needed to commission adn validate the machines warranty on install.
** Passthrough models available on request
* models may vary, pictures shown are for illustration purposes only



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