Dish Washers


Fast, economical, energy efficient and space saving.

Cycle Time
Plate CapacityH
Rental Price PW
SD50 A IS D1331882558063527.502500
SXD50 A IS D202-31882558063529.502725
SD900A CP IS D302&318195065578547.003850

  • Fast two minute was cycle - ensures maximum productivity
  • New innovative wash pump - increases was pressure improving results
  • Hydrodynamic basket slides - ensures optimum wash and rinse coverage
  • Rinse thermo-lock - delivers perfect rinse temperatures time after time
  • New 13amp models available - reduces energy consumption
  • Double skinned door & cabinet - reduces noise and heat emissions whilst lowering running costs
  • Reduced water consumption - produces the optimum balance between water usage and hygiene
  • Improved rinse arms - increases initial response by 30% and rotation speed by 20%
  • Intuitive, simple controls - reduces user error and staff training
  • EasyClean filters - maintenance friendly filters protect critical components
  • Chemical auto-dosing - eliminates user intervention and prevents over or under dosing
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