Airack Glass Dryer





Dries glasses 10X faster than naturally air drying

To serve the “perfect drink” you need a dry glass. The Airack Glass Dryer will dry up to 30 pint glasses 10X faster than leaving them to air dry naturally which can otherwise take over 40 minutes. Do away with tea towels or paper towels and simply place the basket on the Airack and switch it on.

Airack Lite

The Airack Lite comes with a manual timer that can be set for up to 30 minutes, water drainage via the top cover. The Airack Lite is available in three different sizes; 40, 45 & 50.

Easy to install & use

The Airack Glass Dryer is simple to install and use. It plugs into a standard 13 amp plug socket and has one control function.

Airack Facts
Airack Facts 2
Airack Facts 3
Airack on stand with baskets
Electrical:Single phase 3 amp
Machine Finish:Recycled plastic
Sizes:40, 45 or 50
Basket/Rack Size:400㎟ up to 500㎟
Basket/Racks Per Hour:Up to 15
Basket/Rack Capacity:Up to 30 pint glasses
Standard Cycle Time (mins):Manual - Up to 30 mins
Control System:Manual

“We purchased an Airack as we were having trouble getting glasses dry at busy periods. It’s brilliant! Now we can dry glasses and use them within 5 mins which is much easier in a fast environment. We would recommend the Airack to everyone”

The Commercial, Armley

“Absolutely Brilliant, not a flat pint all weekend, no wastage, good feedback from customers – better beer with more head retention.”

The Ainsty, York


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